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 Post subject: [accepted] Axewielder application for Raider
PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:31 am  
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Character name: Axewielder

Character class: Double Arm Spec (single/multi target specs)

Professions: Blacksmithing and Minning

Talent specs, gear level, Armory link (advanced mode): ... der/simple

Respeccing: Being able to play multiple specs or classes is very helpful for many reasons. Can you handle other specs/roles than your primary one? Do you like them? Are you willing to switch to them if needed?
I'm quite able to cover other roles, before I left WoW 4,5 years ago (Family problems), I was tanking a lot on this Warrior toon, and also on my Paladin, who is tank specialized. Beside this I have also 2 healers (Druid and Shaman), I also try to continuously expand my knowledge about classes, to learn good cooperation in raids. Another dps specialization Furry, I'm using frequently, but double arms specialization I found much more flexible for me.

Class Info: What can you tell us about your class? Why do you like it? Include your ability priorities, info about cooldown usage and your stat priorities.
Axewielder was always my main character, and I believe that he showing best my temperament. I like close combat situation because from my observation they require fast reaction timing and good cooperation with tank rotation/movement.
My stat priorities are as below:
1. Strength;
2. Critical Strike;
3. Multistrike;
4. Mastery;
5. Versatility;
6. Haste. (haste sometimes have also 5th priority with versatility, but math calculations saying differently)

I have 2 completely different ability priorities and cooldowns usages for single target and multi target fights.

Single target :
I will try to not be boring and completely explain rotations during colossus smash/outside of it, same during execute from Sudden Death active and non active/ Opening rotations etc, so I will just simplify it to standard single target rotation(please ask if you want complete rotation priority):
1. Execute procs from Sudden Death have always highest priority.
2. Always 60 rage should be saved before starting colossus smash rotation.
3. Maintain Rend on the target. You can refresh Rend when it has less than 5 seconds remaining. I prefer to wait 1 second after finish of rend to reapply it, due to hight ability finish damage (I'm using add-ons for it)
4. Colossus Smash
5. Mortal strike
6. Siegebreaker
7. Storm bolt
8. Thunder Clap (check before if it's possible to use it without disadvantages
9. Whirlwind as rage burner.
Also its important to use if possible Bloodbath and mainly with Execute Recklessness
Blood fury on cool down
Rallying Cry on raid needs/leader command
Berserker Rage when need to free from fear etc.
Pummel for interrupts.

Multiple targets:
1. Keep up Sweeping Strikes.
2.1 Before I was also using Ravager, before Bladestorm, but due to usual problems with positioning by tanks, I prefer to use Anger Management atm in place of it. It does not mean I will not come back to Ravager.
2. Bladestorm, if it's possible with Sweeping Strikes active for at least 6 seconds on targets.
3. Try to keep Rend on as many targets as possible
4. Dragon Roar should be used on targets with cannot be knocked back, personally I'm using it interchangeable with Shockwave, when stunning targets is possible, and this way possible is also interrupting important damage spells etc.
5. Colossus Smash
6. Execute on less then 5 enemies.
7. Mortal Strike on less then 4 enemies.
8. Thunder Clap
9. Whirlwind

Raid experience: Which bosses did you kill while they were current content? Any memorable moments, favourite bosses, etc.?
Current content: I'm raiding every week LFG/Normals and I killed all bosses in HM/BRF many times. Currently my gear level raises and we did with last week pug 5/7 HM HC bosses. Other Heroic/ Mythic encounters I know only from movies watched.
My raiding history is connected with Exuro guild 4,5 year ago. We were at this time hardcore raiders, doing 10 man content (as some people in NSJL know, as they remember me). At this time we had almost not time limits to achieve our raiding targets. I was part of main raiding team, always active.
My favorite Raid is still Ulduar because of generic difficulty level, music inside and atmosphere of raid, I like also other raids from this time period like Naxxramass. Favorite boss Yogg- Saron, because of all "sweet" pain he gave us.
Guild history: Tell us something about your previous guilds, why you joined/left them etc.
Exuro- joined, because I found friends in people from this guild, left because of series of family tragedies.
Old Dragon- joined because I was unable to find people from my past game time, left because I finally found them ;) To tell truth, it was awful guild with only me on-line, bigger fun you can find on grave yard.

Logs of your recent performances: If you want to increase your chances of being accepted, show us logs of your recent raid endeavours from sites like WarcraftLogs.
I don't have any logs from previous raids, but to survive and not be kicked in pug (when you are only one, and other people are fro some guild etc.), you need to show good stats. If I will know that I will make this application I will log my performance.

When can you play: Mythic team will be raiding 3 days a week: Wednesday, Thursday (both starting 19:45) and Sunday (starting 18:45) , ending 23:00. Monday could also rarely be used for rescheduling.
Heroic group will be raiding on Monday and Tuesday, starting 19:45 and ending 23:00.

I have no limitation on raid time, and you can count on me joining any raid when I'm in my vacation time.

Tell us something about when we can expect you to be online so we can see if the schedules are compatible.

Where are you from: Poland / Ireland....well :P

Age: How old are you? 40

Communication: Do you own a microphone? Are you okay with speaking using voice-comms (TS3)? Yes and yes.

If there will be any other things, I can give you information, please just ask me.
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