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 Post subject: [interviewed ingame - approved] Holy paladin apply
PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:01 pm  
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Character name: Jobenson
Character class: Paladin
Character level: 85
Played time: 33 days on my paladin + my warlock 77 days

Character professions + their skill level: Mining & engineering. Mining full engineering close to 300 (will max it later as its not that important profession)
Character talent spec and gear level: ... n/advanced
Willing to respec if needed?: I will respec if its 100% needed for the guild. I just want the best for the guild(ofc if I would get kicked out would spec back to holy because I love it).
Class information: I know holy paladin pretty well. So if I tank heal I will use divine light almost all the time cast judgement almost every global cooldown and holy light when no need to heal much and ofc keep beacon up. flash of light only when someone is dieing in a second it takes so much mana That Its not worth it. and ofc use my holy shock and holy power heal when 3 holy powers. raid healing is not my best ability but I would use holy radiance when many people close to me have lost health. light of dawn with 3 holy power and trying to get as many people in front of me as possible also like to use holy light alot and beacon tank. use divine light when people have lost enough health that its worth it. I allso like to heal those ones first who dont have almost any emergency abilities. as an example Enhancement shamans.
Hope I didnt forget anything Please give me feedback about this if theres something wrong (I want to be the best!).

Raid experience: Cataclysm 6/12 not that much I know... On my warlock I pretty much packed wotlk normal modes and little a bit Icc 25hc
Guild history: Im in guild now Haven't left yet because i havent found another guild. the problem is The guild had alot of problems whit getting enough members into raids. now it merged and im not too happy about it Because I liked the old guild.
When can you play: I can play on your raid times on week only problems can be Fridays,saturdays,and sundays but I should bet in raids at those days almost every second week.

Where are you from: I am from finland.
Age: 21
About you: My name is Tuomas(finnish name please dont try to say it if you dont know how to ;) ) On my free time I play alot of computer games but I also Like going to gym With my friends. I am very calm person I dont like to yell even when that is needed. Im also very patient person.
Why do you want to join and what do you expect from the guild: I want to join because you guys are so cool :D. I expect a raid spot. I can wait for it but even a patient person cant wait for months. I also expect that Fun guild chat and raids and if I sometimes fail I dont want to get superior hate and anger on me. If you dont like me kick me and dont want to raid with me kick me.
Anything else: Please :?: ask :?: if something is unclear after you have read this. Thank you for reading. and sorry if theres problems with my writing.

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