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We are always recruiting exceptional players for Mythic raiding.

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Blast Furnace 18th May

Joined effort with WOW GONE. :)Combat log

Kromog 7th May

Combat log

Operator Thogar 7th May

Combat log

Iron Maidens 7th May

Combat log

Gruul 6th May

Combat log

Oregorger 6th May

Combat log

Flamebender Ka'graz 29th April

Combat log

Hans'gar and Franzok 23rd April

Combat log

Beastlord Darmac 23rd February

Ko'ragh 21st January

Surprisingly easier than Butcher. :^)Combat logVideo

The Butcher 15th January

Pool party time!Combat logVideo

Tectus 7th January

TL;DR: FLESH. WEAK.Combat log

Brackenspore 3rd January

NSJL progression chart 1.0: Wipe mindlessly -> wipe even more -> get angry -> loot.Combat logVideo

Twin Ogron 18th December

Everyone tweet @Blizzard #BringMeleeHuntersBackCombat logVideo

Kargath Bladefist 11th December

And that's... one hundred. Congratulations everyone, 6 more to go!Combat logVideo

NSJL About us

Founded in the early stages of the Burning Crusade, No skill just luck is one of the oldest active guilds on Wildhammer-EU. In its original form it was a small family-like community of Czech and Slovak players who would casually explore both PvE and PvP in the game and frequently get together in local pubs.

Due to popular demand, the guild started the process of internationalization shortly before the release of Wrath of the Lich King in order to expand its roster and access raid content more easily. These early days were rough and the guild has been through a lot of ups and downs since then, but it has endured and has become the most successful raiding guild on the Horde side of Wildhammer.

The game and its playerbase has changed a lot since our guild was formed, but our primary goal is still the same as always: to unite a group of great people and have fun together in a friendly atmosphere while achieving the best raid progression we can.

For the Horde!

NSJL Screenshots

Guild going for a walk into Alliance shrine after acquiring our 10th Garrosh mount :)

Guild going for a walk into Alliance shrine after acquiring our 10th Garrosh mount :)